Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making Alzheimer's only a memory

I went to the reversing alzheimers & dementia seminar (April 2012)
The main thing I got is healing through food.
Eliminate mercury fillings if you have them and as many drugs as you can
Lipitor is a thief of your memory.
Take coconut oil daily.
Yellow dye or any dyes are a no go, yellow dye is in pickles would you believe
Take vitamins daily
Test for T3 thyroid based on symptoms
Read Anne's story below and what she is now eating:
smoothies consisting of celery, parsley, carrots beets, cukes and leafy greens, pineapple, papaya, bananas. These recommendations are based on experiences from people and healers.  The information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease. Please use my name (Cindy Miller) if you'd like if you decide get in touch with this group.
ANNE: Personal Victory
June 22 2010 After several strokes Anne 86, is placed into Hospice care. Her medical
team tells the family "Medically, there is nothing more we can do." An MRI and other scans show the loss of blood flow to the brain is causing it to shrink. Medical team predicts she has less than2 weeks to live.

Diagnosis Severe Dementia

. Anne is unable to move, feel, or sense any part of her body (imagine a 1601b bag of sand).
. She can open her eyes and mouth and she can turn her head 45 degrees.
. She doesn't recognize anyone, doesn't know where she is or what her name is.
. She sleeps 18hrs/day.
Anne's husband Paul decides she will spend her last days in the comfort of her own home, and he and their son, Rick, convert the dining room into a hospital room. Hospice supplies a hospital bed and table, oxygen generator, and Hoyer lift to move her. A 2417 caregiver is brought in to attend to her needs. The family is given the choice to feed her intravenously or through a straw, and they opt to feed her fruit and vegetable smoothies through a straw. Their thought is to keep her comfortable and perhaps give her some pleasure in tasting fresh food. They settle down to wait for her to die.
3 months later on September 29 2010. Anne is released from Hospice. It is obvious that Anne is no longer dying. She stays awake most or all of the day. Although her aphasia is still significant, she is communicating her needs enough to be able to begin participating in her own care. She knows who and where she is and she recognizes her husband and son again. It is no longer appropriate for her to remain in Hospice care.
What accounts for this turn around?  The only factor that changes in Annes care after her return to her home is nutrition. Because she has no ability to chew and can't swallow water because it is too thin, it is crucial to feed her thick liquids that reduce the risk of choking. Feeding her blended fruits and vegetables, thickened fruit and vegetable juices with lots of prunes ensures her system can evacuate Vegetables include
celery and parsley for cleansing, carrots/beet for sweetness ,cucumbers and leafy greens for alkalinity. Fruits include pineapple and papaya for digestion, bananas for some sweetness and any other fresh produce that can make these smoothies and juices tasty.
Fast forward 9 months to June 2011 . Anne is released from St. Francis Hospital's Home Cares since she now gets out of the house regularly and can go to her doctor's offices. No longer officially homebound, she gets out daily (weather permitting) for fresh air with her husband Paul. At 89, he prides himself on pushing her wheelchair around the lake where they have lived for the past 49 years as often as three times a day.
November 2011. Anne goes to church weekly and she now sleeps upstairs with Paul in the bedroom again.The photos on the reverse side of this page show Anne and Paul on her 87th birthday last Thanksgiving Day in the dining room where the hospital bed used to be.
April 2012 . Anne & Paul are celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary this month and Anne stands up on her own for the first time without assistance She wants to walk again on her own and, based upon her last 2l months of steady recovery, we're betting she will accomplish this goal before Paul turns 90 in August. Anne's memory continues to return, along with her sense of humor, dry wit, and perfect timing. She still drinks juices and smoothies today even though she can chew all types of food and swallows water easily.
Her hydration, from this produce as well as filtered water has kept all her systems working well. Her skin tone is clear. The number of prescriptions she takes has dropped from eight pre-Hospice to just three today.
Anne's son, Rick Panson is a nutritional microbiologist specializing in human blood analysis and a passionate student of cellular health. Live blood analysis enables clients to see and understand how their nutrition is affecting their own blood cells, digestion, hydration and immune defenses.