Saturday, March 26, 2011

The power of believing in yourself

What does it mean to have the power of believing in you? This process begins with getting to know "who you are", "what you are about", and "why you are here" to begin with. It also has to do with learning how to live your life too. Sometimes it takes many years of maturity to understand the power that is within your heart as well as going through the struggles of growing up as a person. But where do we begin this journey if we don’t understand what it takes to walk through the process of life?
The steps to recognize the power within starts in the "heart and soul" of where life is felt from the time we are raised by our families as well as the walking through the steps of our emotional and mental well-being. It’s learning to recognize the existence of how we feel and live each moment through our hardships and struggles in life. Sometimes it can be a long process to recognize over the years.
The lessons that we learn through life helps us to recognize the weaknesses of characteristics within the core of our own inner being. It also begins with learning to know and understand what its like to have faith in something that we believe in tremendously which helps us to realize the direction we will take in our daily lives.
Sometimes we lose track of going in so many directions at once and don’t know what should come first. Sometimes we don’t understand why we take so many short steps and then fumble down constantly. It’s not a pleasant experience to keep spinning the wheels of our lives in many directions until we are confused and disturbed about why life is putting us on the edge of our seats. Then we are sitting back and asking questions daily, “why am I so miserable”, "what am I doing wrong that life is throwing these “curve balls” in my direction?
There is so much to learn about life when it comes to the power of believing in yourself. My spiritual journey in life came from the hardships and losses of life that isn’t pleasant to handle. The struggles of learning about self-esteem, self-love, self-worth, trust, honor, respect, co-dependence and dysfunction and many other areas helped me to overcome and understand so much about my life. This helped my life grow so much about when I began this journey in life.
My relationship with “God” also kept me in the right direction of my life. Anytime I was at cross-roads with my life, I would continue to ask “God” daily where I should be. Even though I am 52 years old now, I am still continuing to ask questions. The spiritual journey within our precious “heart and soul” is the most powerful gift that a human can love and appreciate about themselves when the inner turmoil has passed. It’s a never ending process through the years we live our lives with the universe and how we handle the problems as they come.
By Cheryl Scheinin

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